Nano Shine Nano Shine

New generation glass coating using by nanotechnology!

Formation the glass shielding film by water and composite ceramics (nature ore)

It is a technology that makes to form a vitreous shielding film easily on various objects by using only water and composite ceramics without using chemicals by our own coating technology. (Patent pending) “Nano Shine”, which was originally developed as a new generation car body care, is a new glass type coating that has never been seen before. Passing ordinary tap water through a composite ceramic internal organs melts silica-based molecules, which are film components, at the nanometer level. The charged silica-based molecule permeates between molecules on the body surface of the car and forms a strong glass film of 100% inorganic. By forming a very thin glass coating on the nanometer level, the car after construction regains the natural and fresh radiance of the new car. Moreover, it keeps its condition for a long time with very simple maintenance such as washing with car washing about once or twice a month.

Nano Shine Documents