What's New

2015 year, choices of the correction manufacturing, commercial and service new development assistance subsidy became a subsidy subject by Japan.
To do overseas business development and support services, we conducted a business briefing with one of a listed company in Japan.
We have orders from the Ministry of the Environment to do the cleaning work at the previous Imperial palace double bridge.
(JICA) Japan International Cooperation Agency, it has been certified in Latin America research team on our patented technology.
EXPO2015 Nano-shine & Nano-maintenance is exhibited by Milan World Exposition!
2015 year, At the UR urban development mechanism, Nano Maintenance has been registered with the leading technology products.
Higashikuninomiya International culture prize by the patent application of the nanotechnique.
I won the help fund from the country, and a patent of Nano-Shine was adopted for the development of a new coating device.


Nano Shine & Nano Maintenance will be exhibited at the Milan Expo(Italy).

2015 January Milan, Italy International Exposition Preparatory Committee.「 The food on the planet, energy for life 」 Milan Expo to be held this theme. Humanity common challenges over the food, to seek their solutions and contributions measures, is the Expo will present the direction of "Philosophy advocated type". By DEVNET INTERNATIONAL which is a partner of the United Nations group from Japan to the KIP pavilion is decided to exhibit the theme "Creation of attractive space for a sustainable world". We, the coating technology [Nano Shine & Nano Maintenance] using the water you have plus exhibitors introduce as new technology of environmentally friendly maintenance.

Holding period : August 12 to August 19, 2015
Venue: UN KIP Pavilion